Looking for an eye catcher or ready for a complete makeover of your interior? Inspiration is sometimes closer than you think! Take a look at the atmospheric images below; you might come up with some nice ideas!

be inspired

enjoy to be different
create your own

Simple, there's no arguing about taste! And that is a good thing; if it would look the same everywhere it would be boring! You can get inspiration everywhere; look around when you are on your way to work, be surprised by the latest fashion in the magazine at the hairdresser's and be embraced by the warm decoration of your favourite eatery. We would like to add some inspiration with the images below.

signature look

don't be modest
show us your favourites

On Instagram we like to give you a look behind the scenes.You will regularly find a sneak preview here, just because we can't wait to show you that one great new armchair! And then wait and see whether you are as enthusiastic as we are! But hopefully you surprise and inspire us and all other Richmond fans with beautiful pictures of your favourite Richmond item that has been given a special place in your interior.

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